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Dear Covid-19 Companions

Choosing to remain centred in the eye of the storm

Today the world looks just as foreign and unfamiliar as yesterday. It’s hard to get used to. While it feels like a long incarceration, we have a choice to make on how we view our position.

We can still hear the measured, recognisable voice of Nelson Mandela encouraging us “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”

In this spirit we encourage our team and all our fellow Covid-19 companions - along with our healthcare and other service providers - to consider that you are what you eat, and what we behold, we become. Today we can choose to consume and share uplifting messages of hope, or feed upon (and sow) warnings and alarm.


If we feed on hope and not fear, we will be able to encourage the vulnerable, and those dependent on us in the knowledge that this too will pass.


Food for thought

Gratitude is the wellspring of hope. An attitude of gratitude brings light into any room. And as American writer, Gertrude Stein observed, ‘silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.’

Don’t forget tonight’s shout-out at 20h00 and see if you and your family can salute our frontline heroes louder than anyone else in the neighbourhood.

Then after that, give your spouse, your kids or your partner both thumbs up for being special: don’t forget to speak it out.

For any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  
It’s encouragement Thursday, when we choose to bring calm and encouragement to what we say, and to feed upon uplifting media and positive people. Let’s not focus on the stats and things that make us frightened. Instead, let’s fix our eyes upon things that rally and encourage us to a greater cause – getting through it together, and living for each other.  
  Meanwhile, till Friday, stay safe and ever vigilant.  
  Annie Radmanovic and the Health4Me Team  
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